Sunday, December 25, 2011


   BTW, I'm planning on heading to NE IA next weekend.  It is my desire to end the year well and to start the year off right.  I will be fly fishing a couple of streams in the Driftless Area while celebrating the fact that in NE IA we have open water and can fly fish legally year-round!  Perhaps I'll see you on the water.  God bless you and yours this year.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

HFFA Annual Fly Fishing Show - 2012

UPDATE 1/4/12: Information is now posted for the show!  Please visit HFFA's website for more details:
The Hawkeye Fly Fishing Association's annual fly fishing show will be held in 2012 on Feb. 17-19th.  This year's event will be held in Iowa City at the Clarion Highlander Hotel which is off of I-80's exit 246.
   Two of the featured speakers will be Brian O'Keefe and Rich Osthoff.
   I realize the show is less than 2 months away and there is very little information yet posted about the show.  However, I was also informed that a large swim meet will occur the same weekend.  So, if you think you might attend the show and you wish to stay overnight, I recommend booking a room now.
   Previous shows have featured fly fishing vendors, a multitude of bucket raffles, a casting area, and a nice array of Midwestern-born and nationally-known speakers speaking about both warm and coldwater fishing.  I will update the blog with more details and/or rumors as they become known.  I'd recommend reserving a day or two in your schedule to attend the show even if the official details of the show have been slow to appear.  I've attended the last 2 years and have found it worthwhile. 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Fiddler, Flies, Coffee and Friendship

   Griffith’s Gnats, Woolly Buggers, and Missy D’s were tied today to the accompaniment of fiddle, bodhran, and guitar.  3 tiers, Twitch, Dave, and Jackfish Kate, were warmed with coffee, music, and shared friendship today at Java Java Café in Davenport, IA. 

   Tossing emails to and fro earlier this week, local folk musician, Joe Nobiling and and yours truly (Twitch), shared opinions and YouTube links on artists such as the Avett Brothers, TxT, Tashina Claridge, and James Bryan.  Naturally, this evolved into comments about fly fishing and Hayward, WI.  I invited Joe & his fiddle to the coffee shop and, if he wanted, I would also help him ‘tie one on’.

   I tried not to become too hopeful, but it is always a pleasure to listen to friend Joe play the fiddle.  Well, I became positively loud and gleeful when our mutual friend John Kinser –bodhran in hand, walked in the door.  Did Christmas come early?  Not one gift but two!  Joe and his wife, Kathy, arrived soon after.  
     Following introductions between fly anglers, musicians, & Java Java owner Daron, we dabbled in talk about tying and music.  John, Joe, and Kathy were all given the opportunity to tie a fly, but they preferred to watch, then partake in what they came to do.  Both groups delved into their individual passions, but on a cold December Saturday a bridge was formed and we were able to enjoy and appreciate each other’s artistry.

   Jackfish Kate and I had arrived that morning during the ‘coffee rush hour’.  Joe and Kathy arrived as the café was quieting down, and then Jackfish and I closed the place down.  Prior to our leaving, Sam the ever-friendly barista, filled our bellies with delicious Thai chicken vegetable soup and oriental chicken wraps.  I’d only tied 4 Missy D nymphs while Jackfish had tied and then filled a small container with the tiny Griffith’s Gnats.  However, it was one of the most enjoyable ‘tie one on’ days I’ve had at the coffee shop.  I hope the others felt similarly. 

   Due to the holidays, the next possible tying day at Java Java would be Saturday, Jan 7th.  I hope my musician friends return and maybe then they will share my vise and my vice.  I’ll bring a fly rod, too.  If anyone wants to brave the cold, we can head outside for impromptu casting lessons.  Again, all are welcome to ‘tie one on’ at the coffee shop.  I’ll keep ya posted about future tying dates!  ~Twitch (Sat, Dec. 10, 2011)


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Weekend to Tie One On at the Coffee Shop

   Jackfish Kate and I (Twitch) will once again pick up our vices, feathers and furs and head to the coffee shop for a morning/afternoon tie.  We'll be at Java Java Cafe, 836 E. River Drive, Davenport, on Saturday, Dec 10th, arriving somewhere between 930-1000am. The coffee and the people who run the place are great! There are also breakfast and lunch items for sale. AND if someone can get Darren-owner, to have enough patience and tie his first fly, I'll buy that person a cup of coffee.  Come and tie or just visit for awhile. (Pls see the newest post, "A Fiddler, Flies, Coffee & Friendship" about our fun day of tying and song-making.  More tying/music days are in the works and the dates will be posted on the blog's Home page)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Musky Guide Details Pike Prep for the Dinner Plate

   Brad Bohen, the Afton Angler, recently provided Twitch with his Pike recipe, reported as delicious by mutual friends.  Not only did the Musky guide from Hayward, WI, share his recipe, he provided a detailed and entertaining account on how he prepares the quarry for the grill or oven.  Brad heads Musky Country Outfitters & in 2009 he was bestowed the official catch and release world record for the 36-pound tippet class by the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame for his 51.25” Musky.  The fish was boated on Oct. 6, 2008, during a rare big Musky Doubles feat.  For entertainment and some good eats, check out Brad’s Pike recipe on my ‘Reel to Creel’ page.  You will also find the link to Brad’s account of his memorable record-setting catch on the same page.