Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fly Fishing at an IA Quarry

   Late last week a close friend came from the great fly fishing waters of N. MN to visit me and my IA homewater. Must be one heck of a friend, right?! LOL!!  Seriously, though, while quantity of fishing opps are not the same, quality fishing and fun are certainly present in Iowa. I believe he enjoyed the fishing more than we both expected. I'd also planned music and rib fests, & time with friends. However, once that fly fishing fever hit, thoughts of all else but fishing faded, aside from catching a few winks and grabbing a couple of cold ones.  We fished French Creek and then Bloody Run(day 2) in NE IA.  Buddy couldn't believe how many trout were in French.  He fished hot both days.  Lots of browns, then bows.  I didn't fish my worst and really started to get the hang of nymphing with a dropper on the Run.  On day 2, we had two doubles.  Cool beans!  A hot day + hiking + quik-dry clothes= swimming in trout stream.  Whew weeee!
   Next day:  sleep in, burn gas getting lost driving through an area which could've been found in the movie Deliverance, then find quarry.  Let's just say at least one of us used a fly rod that day, and I won't say who, and my buddy will remain anonymous. haha.  The bait caster did land more largemouth. However, when we experienced our 3rd set of doubles(!) that weekend, twins in the 15-16" range, I'd swear the one on the long rod was just a little larger. While there are many bass out there much larger than 16", that was my best fighting fish to topped the fight of 'Dale' the 18" smallie I took on my birthday in June.  Both bass were taken on a Guinea Bugger; my confidence fly.  Do you remember the feeling you had the first time a fish took the fly you tied?  Fly fishing as a sport and an art is not easily or quickly learned.  I expect to be a lifelong student of the fly, enjoying & appreciating each new discovery along the way.  I'm into my 3rd year of fly fishing, and when one is 'in the groove' slightly more frequently and for longer periods of time, that feeling reaches the soul & I believe that is what keeps most of us casting the long rods.  Heck, you don't even have to boat a fish to be awash in that awesome feeling(think 'musky on the fly')...but then land one, too, and ooh lala!
   Anyway, tomorrow morning I will take 'Jackfish Kate' to the quarry.  She has introduced me to new waters and now it is my turn to return the favor.  Life is good.  The 8 wt was perfect for the first trip, but I plan a little 10 wt action this time around.  I hear pike lurk in the quarry...but more importantly I also sense musky in my near future.  The 10wt is calling.  Gosh, I love casting that rod! 
  I hope to add some pics from the quarry to the blog soon.  Either way, it will be a mighty fine day.