Sunday, January 14, 2018

Blog Post Comments, Genuine or Spam? Fly Fishing Update

Hello there!

If you are taking the time to read my blog or look at the pictures, thanks!!!  I appreciate it when anyone takes the time to comment (then I know you are taking an interest vs. just clicking a link to the blog and getting out of it... since it deals with stripping flies and not women stripping!). 

However, if your comment is "anonymous," sometimes it is hard to discern if it is a genuine comment or spam, especially if the comment does not refer to any specific details of my post. One anonymous commenter reported we both had blogs of similar interest and would I email him. There was no email address provided. If I am very certain an anonymous comment is NOT spam, I will post it and likely respond. Otherwise, I am sorry, but I delete any comments that appear more likely to be spam. 

Of course, when there are genuine comments, I am likely to post more on the blog. It does become challenging to write to an invisible audience. 

I am still a fly fishing freak, planning a trip to Canada for big pike and walleye, and I have more time to return to tying musky-pike flies (hopefully to soon simplify my super-complicated post on BB's Forage... but to also create dubbing brushes and hopefully, yak-based brushes!). Sub-zero temps and a broken garage door -trapping my packed Subie- have kept me from winter trouting, but it is on the horizon! Also, when not fishing, tying, or thinking/doing things directly related to fly fishing, I'm still finding more murder mystery books with an outdoorsy and sometimes even a fly fishing tie-in! 

Life is good, with good friends to share it, and then time to venture off alone in search of new discoveries and peace for my soul. I wish the same for you, and I invite you to share some of it here.