Casting It Forward

  The reason for this page?  I'm passionate about fly fishing! While I've only been angling since June '08, so many other anglers have taken the time to lend me a hand that I'd like to do the same for others.  Plus, like other anglers, I simply want to share the passion for this sport/art/way of life.
   Alphabetized below are links to fly fishing-related sites which help others.  I will also publish information pertaining to nature conservancy and how we can help, or how others have already helped in improving our fishing environment. 
   Of course, I'd love to post stories on individuals actively 'paying it forward'.  Perhaps some creative fundraisers can be initiated here and you -reader and fellow fly angler- can partake in the fun.   E-mail:

   Casting for Recovery

  Casting for Recovery is a non-profit program, founded in 1996, for women who have or have had breast cancer.  The program allows these women to gather in beautiful, natural settings to learn fly fishing, meet new friends, and have fun.

  Fly fishing provides: a healing connection to the natural world; a relief from stressors; gentle exercise for joint and soft tissue mobility; and the opportunity for those with similar experiences to meet and learn a new skill.

  Weekend retreats are provided at no cost to participants.  Counseling & educational services are incorporated into the retreats.  Healthcare professionals, fly fishing instructors, and community volunteers are involved with the retreats and the participants.  Casting for Recovery shifts the focus to wellness instead of illness!

Visit Casting for Recovery's (CFC) website at:
CFC may also be contacted at:  or by calling

The website is detailed and a pleasure to read. To ensure accuracy, I summarized many of the details supplied in their website on this page.

Project Healing Waters

  Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc., is dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled active military service personnel and veterans through fly fishing and fly tying education and outings.  Project Healing Waters was founded in 2005, at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and is a non-profit organization.  PHWFFI currently has 86 programs in 70 Veteran's hospitals and 16 military facilities.  The organization's programs operate in 37 states, Canada, and U.S. military facilities in Germany, with the assistance of Trout Unlimited Chapters, the Federation of Fly Fishers and independent fly fishing clubs.

  Please visit the organization's website at: 
The organization may also be contacted at: However, I suggest going to their website and finding the e-mail for your regional representative.

To ensure accuracy, the description above was taken from their website. Please visit the website to learn about the many ways you may be able to participate in an outing and/or to volunteer.

Reel Recovery

  Participate, donate, or volunteer with 'Reel Recovery', a national non-profit organization founded in 2003 which conducts free fly fishing retreats for men recovering from all forms of cancer.  The group was founded by a group of fly anglers after they witnessed the beneficial impact fly fishing had on a friend who had brain cancer.

  Retreats, conducted at no cost to participants, occur over a 2 1/2 day period at a fly fishing facility/lodge.  All meals, lodging and fly fishing equipment are provided.  No fly fishing experience is required. 

  The goals of the program:  Provide the men with a secure, comfortable environment in which to share with one another aspects of their disease and recovery; provide expert fly fishing instruction; provide participants with information about cancer-related resources.

  Please visit the organization's website at: organization may also be contacted at 800-699-4490 and via e-mail at  In the IA/WI region, you may also contact Robert Bernard at 515-494-3434 or email him at   

  Please note the website is quite detailed and also lists retreats throughout the US.

  Please visit the website to learn about the many ways you may be able to participate in an outing and/or to volunteer.

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