Sunday, April 10, 2011

Trash Talk About Garbage on Waterways

   What is a simple way we can all 'Cast It Forward' when we head out to fly fish??  Bring a bag along and pick up the trash you see at the waterway or in the parking lot.  Forget to bring a bag?  So what?  Simply picking up one or two pieces of trash on the trip back to the car will help to keep our woods and waterways a better place for all to visit.  If all anglers picked up 1-2 pieces of trash every time he/she went out fishing, it would make a big impact on our environment.  Of course, don't litter, and try to keep those clipped tag ends of leader material -esp fluorocarbon- off the water and in the garbage.  
   I plan to post pictures of garbage taken away from our waterways...or pics of cleaner waterways!  Send me your pictures(even if it's 1-2 pieces of trash!)...or even an email telling me what garbage you've picked up, your first name(optional) the name of the waterway, and its location.  If you have dates of stream clean-ups, etc., I'd like to know that, too.  I will post this 'trashy information' on my 'Casting It Forward' page in its own section.  Format unknown as it depends on the type of response I receive.  I don't care if you are from Slovenia or Iowa; in reality it's everyones' 'backyard' and it's the home to all finned/feathered/furred creatures.  Thanks, ~Twitch

  (A fellow reader felt someone reading this post may have interest in a link she provided me, so here it is: )