Monday, April 9, 2012

Whaddya Get When a Skunk & a Musky Cross Paths? Hopefully, a Hook-Up!

(*Update 4/13/12: Trialed fly in local quarry.  Happy with this first edition. Plan to trial more sparse skunk tail. Profile in water was good. I'm pleased with the action. When fly drying on my jacket's fly patch, I could smell slight skunk odor. However, after a few hours the odor is gone. The fly was allowed back in my house.)

   After partially deoderizing a skunk tail last year (it is still sitting in borax in a sealed bag in the garage) and then rifling through a boxful & choosing two non-stinky skunk tails at the HFFA fly fishing show this year, I have finally tied a couple of flies with the black and white fur.

   Of course, a musky fly called to me.  While skunk tail will never replace the easily-dyed buck tail, the suppleness and luminescence of skunk fur lends itself very well to hook and vise.  Furthermore, the length of portions of the tail and the ease with which the fur can be reverse-tied was, frankly, a thrill for one who loves to hunt musky.

   I'm still working out the recipe and hope to take a fly or two for a swim in J-Mac Lures (a local & on-line biz for mucho fly tying supplies including those for toothy critters) minnow tank.  If the action proves as good as I expect it to be, I will post the recipe under my Fly Tying tab.  

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