Sunday, April 1, 2012

'Preview' of 1st Annual Trout & Morel Hunt in NE IA

   Camping, fly fishing, beautiful scenery, and friends... how could it get any better?  Finding & cooking morels over a campfire on the same trip is what comes to my mind!
   Today, a friend and I spend a few hours in woods in Rock Island county.  We came away with 8 small morels.  This year, it didn't prove foolish to hunt for the fungi on April Fools Day.  My mom is getting a tasty addition to today's birthday celebration! 
   Whether we hunt for morels at home and transport them or -better yet- if we hunt and land trout and morels in NE Iowa, I'm looking forward to a  great weekend in the Driftless Area.  Sometime between mid-April and mid-May a four-some will meet.  Tents will be pitched, water waded, & the woods enjoyed.  One can't quite predict when peak morel season will occur, but we hope to be part of it.  If not, I'm certain we will enjoy a few of those 365 days/year of open trout season in NE Iowa.


  1. Western Rock Island Co., this time of the year is coming alive. The very trees that are so beautiful in the fall are coming back to life and are so enjoyable. Look out for ticks! Morels are few and far between from what I have been told, however the ticks are a common complaint already. If you get plenty of morels and need help eating me! :)

  2. Sadly, I never seem to get 'plenty' of shrooms, but I can hope...& they alway taste better when shared. Ticks & I have had too close of a relationship so I do guard against them. I suspect most insects will have a good year, but I can't complain. That means the fish may have a good year, too! Thanks for joining. (: ~Twitch


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