Friday, October 25, 2013

No Slip Loop Knot AKA Rapala Knot Video by Pat Ehlers

  I always think of Pat Ehlers fondly and with respect.  When I attended my first fly fishing expo I was hoping to purchase 1-2 fly rods & Pat offered to let me try out a rod or two for a couple of weeks. He and his son, Jared, have always been helpful during phone calls and emails, or during a visit to the Milwaukee, WI., fly fishing store, The Fly Fishers.  I bought my Simms boots from Pat.  No matter how small the question or how small the dollar amount on the product, Pat has always quickly gotten back in touch with me.  Both father and son have also contributed to previous blog posts.

   Pat made a how-to video of the tying of the Rapala Knot & he explained the knot's benefits.  Please click the link to the video below.  I've been considering a different connection from bite guard to musky fly so I may just give this loop knot a try.  If anyone else wants to post comments about the knot, please use the comment section below.  At this time I only moderate comments as means of lessening spam.  So far, there are no 'prove you are not a computer' typing of hard to read letters prior to sending a comment, here.  Just type a comment and send.

**10/29/13:  Jeff, musky brother and striper angler, added a comment to this post about the tarpon loop & the benefits of using the loop with thicker fluoro.  'In the Riffle' has a good video on how to tie this loop knot & I've included a link to it. 


  1. That's a good knot for sure. For heavy flouro bite guards I prefer the tarpon loop. Something else to try anyway.

    1. Hey Jeff, thanks for the comment! I googled the tarpon knot and the video I watched was quite good so I added a link to this post. Pretty cool. I've had some challenges with the thicker fluoro not cinching down well enough so I'm curious to see how these loop knots work. thanks for your input. Twitch


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