Friday, May 4, 2012

Heading Into a Rainy NE IA Trout and Morel Hunt

   There initially were 4, now there are 6.  Does the weather chase anyone away?  It has started to alter our plans.  Tent campers are lessening. I will car camp tonight since we get in late.  If another friend tent camps, I will do the same.  However, with the threat of t-storms, my CRV will be available Saturday night for some snoozing.  The only things I want charred are the campfire hot dogs!

   I was initially optimistic since weather reports put the rain primarily on either side of the weekend.  That changed. Now, the rain is concentrated mostly on the weekend.  I continued to be happy as the wind predictions were low.  Now, they are double digits. 

   However, we will get in some fishing, and fun and discoveries always occur.  How many trout and if any morels make an appearance... who knows!  Jackfish is expected to leave for NE Iowa this morning.  Shani, her 'Aunt Terri' and I will leave after today's workday.  Theresa and Louise are expected on Saturday morning at the first stream. We are fishing two streams this weekend and their watersheds are smaller.  I'm gambling on less dramatic & briefer water fluctuations, so perhaps the trout will cooperate.

   Planning and prep is nearly done (let it be done!).  At this time, I simply yearn to be on the road.

   Tight lines, readers.


  1. Morels. eh? If you happen to have a few on your way home, let me know. Probably too yummy, though!!!

  2. They were yummy. (: They grow em big in NE Iowa!


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