Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fishdecorah Website: A Great Catch

   This evening, my mouse took me on a field trip to the fishdecorah website:  http://www.fishdecorah.com/.   I was impressed.  No cutesy stuff (note ‘mouse’ and ‘field trip’ above), no protracted stories about one’s own fishing trips (really, I attempt brevity!), ….and it is not a fly fishing-specific site.  It is a site dedicated to the NE Iowa Driftless region, specifically Winneshiek County & surrounding areas, for those who enjoy any type of fishing and who care about the region’s environmental concerns, it’s geology, and how we can protect what we love.  In addition, it’s easily navigable and friendly, but without the excess fluff which can get in the way of tearing in to the meat of a topic.  I invite you to click on the link above and learn more about the Iowa waterways unique to NE Iowa (and where else in the Midwest can one fish for trout year-round?).

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