Monday, February 7, 2011

Guinea Bugger and Guinea Bugger Deluxe

      The olive Guinea Bugger was the 1st original fly I tied, the first fly with which I landed a fish(an 18” smallie), & it was the 1st day I fished it.  It was also the first fish of the day.  To top it off, it was my birthday.  On a solo fishing day, I landed my first largemouth bass on the first cast, using a red Guinea Bugger.
   The Guinea Bugger Deluxe came about when the orange guinea feathers I ordered were too short to wrap too far on the hook shank.  The 2nd portion of marabou took up extra space and gave additional bulk to the fly.  In the water, it produced a pulsing up and down motion to the fly’s body.  Frankly, on a float trip I was a little embarrassed to fish the bright orange fly, so I initially didn’t.   After a different fly did not produce, I popped on the orange GBD.  That little fly landed the most smallies of the day. 
   There were much better fly anglers than me on these  trips.  I believe that is why the olive and orange GB and GBD’s have become my confidence flies.   
   If you are interested in tying these flies, please read below for further tips.  Also, visit the Fly Tying page for the recipe(s).  I keep the body color lighter or the same color as the marabou.  I typically use chenille for the body.  However, you may also use other material, such as estaz or frosted yarn, to add more flash and to de-bulk the body, allowing another wrap or two of guinea on the body.  Look for pkg’s of guinea with spotted portions of feathers 1.5” or more in length(pretty-plumes on eBay is starting to pkg these longer feathers). The GBD works well when feathers are shorter.   I tie in the base of the guinea near the eye of the hook & wrap rearward.  In this manner, I’m ensured the front of the fly always looks good.  You may also tie in the tip of the feather midway up the hook shank & wrap forward.  This latter method of tie-in produces other considerations and I’ll provide more info if desired.  I always tie in a solid black flash at the tail.  This balances the black in the guinea and may look like a ‘lateral line’.  In the GBD, I will also add Krystal flash to the 2nd clump of marabou.  The fly tends to look better if the thread closely matches the color of the body.   It is important to firmly bind down the guinea stem, so I use 3/0 up to 210 denier thread.
   I’ve also tied chartreuse, white,  black with blue, grey Guinea Buggers, and more.   Some won’t be fished at all.  Others, like the grey, will be fished as soon as I can.  I’ve had ‘fish on’ in trout streams with the GB, but nothing landed to date.  I still struggle to land trout.  I believe the GB and GBD will be successful with more than bass & hope to find out this year.   But hey, bass are fun!

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