Saturday, March 28, 2020

Living Well When Life isn't Always Easy

  When tomorrow's t-shirt weather is prefaced with last night's snow, and while I wait with diminishing hope of Canada allowing us to cross the border for the great late-May pike trip, I find yet another way to avoid starting my taxes.
Trout fishing.

   In reality, we planned to fish now. This weekend. My Duluth buddy and I (8 hours apart) were to more closely distantly meet, meaning a fist bump and not a hug, then him renting a room and I car camping instead of sharing the costs of a room, and go fly fishing together like we normally do for trout. It's always been social distancing there; frog hopping around each other hole after hole.
But, for the second weekend in a row Covid-19 and his work to set up employees to work from home, put the kabosh on that.

   And at a time when you think Covid-19 would be keeping All healthcare workers in a hospital busy, we are working hard to limit how many patients are in our hospitals. My therapy co-workers and I have health concerns while at work, yet ironically are getting called off of work more frequently than we'd like.

So, while I take extra time to wash my groceries, wash my hands longer, disinfect my hands after any trip in public, try to avoid touching my much, I also take the extra time to visit the Iowa trout streams, hiking, wading, and fishing, to truly appreciate and enjoy a healthy if  unwanted day off of work.

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